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WINSTON Production Company, Ltd. from November 17, 1993 registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno, file no. Mark C 12,911th This purely Czech company active in the field of mechanical engineering – Mechanical engineering, drilling, Machining operations. Currently we focus on individual and small batch production of precision parts for various industries. The company has established business relationships with both domestic as well as foreign customers in the field of transport, production of medical, textile, agricultural, food products etc. WINSTON Production, Ltd. He holds the concession for the development, manufacture, repair, modification, weapons. There is employed 70 workers and two-thirds of employees are highly qualified personnel, machinery and equipment.

We are currently implementing the project „Modernization of production technology spol. WINSTON Production Ltd. „This acquisition and lathe and machining center in the framework of EU subsidies through MIT.

Company history

It was founded in 1993 under the tradename seco-V. Its real history goes back a few decades back, because the company was practically splitting and privatization of the state enterprise prototype, which was the successor of the Research and Development Institute Races general engineering Slavičína. The main production program of the research and development of knitting and weaving machines and special armaments production. Later, the production of weaving machines disappeared, the defense industry production grew steadily and in 1997 the company bought the privatized company WINSTON International, a. S., The current owner Ing. Petra Cuba. From that moment on, it was renamed the company to its current trade name WINSTON Production Ltd.

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